SwaminSacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin is an Adwaita Vedanta spiritual master, mystic, and a founder of the school of  Brahma Vidya Siddhanta and the Sacchidanandaprem organizations in India and in Europe. Since 2004, He has been traveling India, Asia, and Europe, giving lectures on his experiential teaching and leading various intensive retreats.

In 1984, Sacchidanandaprem was born and raised in a Srivaishnava family, the lineage descending from Ramanuja tradition, in India. He carried the spiritual heritage by studying and serving in Sri Vaishnava Ashram, in his village, while studying in school. He had his curiosity to find the supreme reality at the age of ten. Later, as a result of a spontaneous revelation of divine consciousness, he lost all interest in his worldly life, including his university study too.

After that, Sacchidanandaprem spent several years of intensive spiritual pursuits — the spiritual studies and practices in various traditional institutions of many masters and living as a wandering ascetic in India. He visited the land of the sages, Himalayas, and met his ultimate guru, a Himalayan wandering sage in 2004. Shortly, He experienced the ‘Supreme Consciousness.’

His spontaneous vision continues to offer an opportunity for all humans to recognize their self-being, the absolute truth, consciousness, bliss, and love with a little deep sincere effort. As a spiritual healer, he helps hundreds of people with issues of mind, body, and emotion. With deeply compassionate insight, a spiritual pioneer Sacchidanandaprem is dedicated to many humanitarian activities such as food aid, nutrition, health system, education, and environment. He is infinitely blissful with simplicity, beyond particular religion, tradition, and cult, incorporating to present the path of transcendental living.

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