Two levels of simple practical lessons of ancient tantra-vidya, change significant experience of love with harmony and the whole. It is designed for relationship strengthening and being in authentic love practices in extraordinarily beautiful – in an open, playful way.

Group or couple courses of  Kandarpa-Tantra-Vidya offer an opportunity to explore the deeper love with awareness inside you that brings pleasure and joy and opening the door to a connection with your beloved and creating a greater well-being in your relationship.

It start with couples counseling, pre-marriage counseling, and individual counseling sessions are collaborative endeavors which will create a safe space for to find the courage and opportunity to be in  authentic relationship.

Level I

Deepening connection with giving and receiving and treating of external enjoyments:

Discover how you can raise your sexual tantric energies and conscious pleasure throughout your body, using tantra-vidya practices, breath-work, sound and movement. It explores the healing and communication through intimacy, and the nature of loving art. You will experience the effect of breath on the nervous system and your orgasmic response in your consciousness.

Level II

Expanding entire possibilities love and relationship treating of internally in its various forms:

It gives you the highest ecstasy possible in every deepest desire. In this workshop you will be creating a feeling of safety and value of sensual expression. You will learn secrets to create the opportunity in which intimacy is a preparation for a higher expression of love, and that will ensure to be in multidimensional relationship. Couples go really high into intimacy in relationship expression in order.

This retreat is designed for couples. Singles can pair up for the experiential portions of the class if they feel comfortable.