Himalayas Journey


HIMALJOURNEY TO THE HIMALAYAS (5th) including Maha Yoga Samadhi Sadhana Retreats (October 11 to 31, 2022), a program by Sacchidanandaprem Association offers you an opportunity for embarking on this journey to the most significant sacred places in the Himalayas.

It is an intense spiritual experience, complete with the inclusion of a unique opportunity to radically transform your life, it is an integrated joyful spiritual journey that will enable you to experience the deepest level of your being and means of enlightened living. The collective process of retreat facilitates the promotion of your awareness into the emergence of pure consciousness in spiritual depth. You will instantly feel the bliss and freedom of your infinite nature and recognize your wholeness and perfection. It will awaken the cosmic creative energy inside you in an atmosphere of intensive silence.

This journey with retreats approaches the most transformative spiritual exploration in your life through Maha Yoga Samadhi Sadhana, guided by Spiritual Master Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin.

Through intentional Maha Yoga Samadhi Sadhana practices, you will uncover your inner wisdom, peace, infinite joy and awareness that arise from ultimate potential within, which cultivates the holistic well-being of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

Our team will be ready to help you with every step you take on this memorable journey, you will be enveloped in infinite spiritual energy, tranquillity, and oneness.


All programs are in English and would be translated into Slovak.

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The Journey will start from October 11 to 31, 2022, travel itinerary from New Delhi to Rishikesh and beyond.

(As Journey starts from October 11, it would be better to land in India on October 10 or early morning on October 11. To return your home or further journey, participants should take flight or train on November 01.)


Day 1: New Delhi

Introductions, visiting Akshardham temple, and Lotus temple


Days 2-9: Rishikesh (from October 12th) The Yog-Sadhana retreat will start the second day after arriving at Rishikesh.

Visiting temples, Ganga arati and fire ceremony (at Parmarth Niketan), caves, including top of hill pilgrimage Kunjapuri, Neelkantha, and Jhilmil Cave- where Sri Gorakh Nath accomplished Mantra and Yog practices and Haridwar.


Day 9-10: Devaprayag

Devaprayaga is the sacred event of merging two holy rivers, Alakananda and Bhagirathi, and take the name, Ganga. Devprayag is surrounded by three peaks, named Giddhanchal Parvat, Dashrathanchal Parvat, and Narsinghancal Parvat. Having a dip in the confluence of rivers and meditating at its banks, and visiting Raghunath Ji temple.


Days 11-13: Chopta Moutain Ranges

Deoria Tal (altitude of 2,438 meters) is the place, where all tattvas come to gather every evening. Tunganath Temple is one of the highest Shiva temples in the world. It is located at an altitude of 3,680 meters, and just below the peak of Chandrashila. The temple is to be 5000 years old.

Adi Badri is part of the famous Panch Badri of Uttarakhand. It is a group of sixteen temples, belonging to the Gupta period. Among them is the Narayan temple, where a black stone idol of Vishnu, three feet high is enshrined. This place is within the Badrikshetra, where Vedas, Upanishads and other Shastra (Before they were as Shruti and Smirti) were written down by Maharshi Veda Vyas Deva.


Days 14-17:  Jageshwer and Almora

Jageshwar is located at an altitude of 1,870 meters and 36 kilometers northeast of Almora, Uttarakhand. This is where the Paramshiva’s energy appeared as Linga on Earth as well as it is the origin of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. The surrounding deodar trees, the Jata Ganga River and the high mountains lend a mesmerizing beauty to this sacred place. In this extraordinary area of the Himalayas, The Saptarishis of the Vedic age has developed a collective, cosmically conscious force, dedicating thousands of years to spiritual practices for discovering the sacred truths for humanity.

Kainchi Dham is 35 km from Nainital, in the Kumaon Hills, where Neem Karoli Baba spent much of his later years. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook revealed that he had visited a temple in India on the advice ofSteve Jobs, the Apple co-founder, who had experienced life-changing spiritual reflection in the 70s. The Kainchi village has the transcendental energy of the Supreme divine, which pours Grace upon all living beings.


Days 18-20:  Nainital and Mukteshwer

Nainital is the headquarters of the Nainital district in the Kumaon foothills of the Himalayas. Nainital is set in a valley containing a pear-shaped lake, approximately two miles in circumference, and surrounded by mountains i.e. Naina, Deopatha, and Ayarpatha.

Mukteshwar is a village in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, India. It sits high in the Kumaon Hills at an altitude of 2286 meters. Muktheshwer Mahadev Temple is situated here.


Days 21: Return to New Delhi



♦ In morning yoga, pranayama, meditation, and yoga-sadhana classes with question-answer sessions helping in the assessment of change in personality. After breakfast, visit places.

♦ At the end of the afternoon, the session of meditation and individual spiritual consultation.

♦ For lunch and dinner, you can choose between several restaurants, for a minimum budget of € 3-5.

♦ You will be staying in a hostel or hotel, in a room of 2/4 or more persons depending on the location.



We can pick you up at the New Delhi airport or at New Delhi Railway Station, Paharganj area. Please, notify us as soon as you purchase your flight/train tickets.


Účastníci z Česka a Slovenska sa môžu prihlásiť na Cestu do Himalájí kontaktovaním: Zuzana Dobromila Bartovicová. Kontakt: +421 905 387 137



Registration Process:

♦ Registration opens from 1st January 2022.

♦ Donation € 1,150 per person, includes retreats cost, breakfast, accommodation, transportation, yoga wears, and issuing the certification. Return flight tickets (from your home to New Delhi) are not included. 

♦ When you are ready to register, please write to us: info@sacchidanandaprem.org or journeywithswamin@gmail.com, so we can further assist you with your registration.

♦ Applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis.

♦ We will send you a confirmation of your registration within two days after receiving a non-refundable € 600 advance deposit via bank transfer.

If any travel restrictions due to the pandemic or a natural cause occur then we would have to postpone our journey for next time. In that case, your deposit money will be safe with us for the next Himalaya Journey. Advance money would not be returned in cash or bank deposit.

♦ If you need travel insurance for India, please arrange it on your own. Travel insurance is not included in our journey.



We recommend you bring the following items:

Warm Jacket, warm t-shirts/sweatshirts and pants, woolen cap and scarf, a small torch for light, normal trekking shoes, and a personal medical kit. Please, don’t bring a trolley bag/suitcase; the backpack is best to travel with.
Cotton yoga-wearing and cotton/straw yoga mat can be bought for €5 in Rishikesh.

Temperature and weather conditions:

Daytime temperatures can be as high as 20 to 25 degrees celsius. Night-time temperatures can drop as low as 5 to 10 degrees celsius.


To get your e-visa for 1 month to 1 year within 48h you can go directly to this link.
We can also assist you in the process (if it is not easy for you to apply online). This service is at the price of € 15 and the request should be made to: info@sacchidanandaprem.org


The journey and its program are not as a holiday tour, but it is an opportunity for deep spiritual transformation which opens one up to higher dimensions of life.

For more information, you can write: info@sacchidanandaprem.org or journeywithswamin@gmail.com