Kundalini Tattva Sandhan


(Kundalini Tattva Sandhan)

Kundalini is the form of primal energy (shakti), located at the base of the spine. Kundalini Tattva Sandhan teaches methods of awakening the kundalini through the seven chakras, subtle channel of the spine to the at the crown chakra (Sahasrara).
The Kundalini awakening program transforms the physical, psychological, personality, and spirituality of the practitioner altogether. Eventually, the practitioner reaches spiritual enlightenment and various ranges of energies through its intensive practice.
Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin will offer esoteric teaching for Kundalini awakening from Vedic tradition which comes from ancient Rishis of India. Although, Kundalini awakenings can happen through a variety of methods.

This weekend course gives you also access to a whole new realm of the living. The program works on all the basic dimensions of your life, allowing you to experience deep healing. You gain a state of deep inner peace coupled with tremendous productivity and creativity. The process of Kundalini’s evolution allowed a great volume of energy, that you could use to make something tremendously joyful life out of it.