Pratyabhijna Dhyana Sadhana


(It is only for authentic and serious truth seekers of life and to unite with Supreme Life)

It is an opportunity to meet an authentic spiritual teacher and a young mystic, Sacchidanandaprem Acharya Swamin from India and receive the ultimate knowledge to meet the needs of your soul.

He shares tenderly and lovingly with experiential knowledge so that you can discover your true nature and achieve deep relaxation, creating inner peace, absolute love, infinite joy and methods that will transform your life internally and externally.

There will be a bright exchange (questions and answers) with Sacchidanandaprem Swamin

The Pratyabhijna Dhyana Sadhana is a series of techniques for deep relaxation, stress reduction, tranquillity, inner peace, self-transformation and openness to a transcendental life in consciousness.

The regular practice of Pratyabhijna Dhyana Sadhana takes 25 minutes a day, easily increases the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. You get an inner joy that lasts throughout your daily life, well beyond the time of meditation.

The technique is based on ancient Vedic tradition. The desired results will be achieved through the practice of meditation and the ultimate goal is to experience complete unity with Supreme Consciousness- Enlightenment.

His Holiness Sacchidanandaprem Swamin will give you the blessing through (Sparsh Moksha Diksha) the transmission of spiritual energy, through simple practice and will give you a mantra as well as a new name.

Sparshmoksha Diksha is a unique process to give everyone a pure, enlightened and more prosperous life spiritually and materially.