Food aid program


Annapurna Food Aid Project for India (AFAP) is a project of the  Sacchidanandaprem Association. It entails continuous work with an essential objective to feed poor and hungry children and the most vulnerable people in Bihar a state of India. In this state, the most widespread problems are hunger and malnutrition, typically from slums, tribal and rural areas. Mostly Bihar around 40% of the states’ population lives below the poverty line.
We are wishing to distribute hygienic, nutritious, and healthy vegetarian food in Bihar and other neighboring states. After offering meals, we will provide educational programs for children and parents, pointing out our connection with the nature and ecological aspects of human existence.
Our ambition is to distribute 10,000 plates of healthy food by October 2022. To feed a person costs 0.6 € per day, so to reach our goal needs 6,000 €. There are various ways that you can contribute to our food aid program:

  1. 60 € for 100 plates of food distribution
  2. For the Sunday free feast program contributing 300 € for 500 plates of food
  3. Celebrate your anniversary or birthday parties with hungry children; just to distribute 200 plates of food with gifts 120 €
  4. Become a donor of school, orphanage, incapable people and hospital food distribution program for 1000 persons 600 €
  5. Another amount is accepted, as you wish

After receiving your donation we will send you a donation certificate to your postal address.