About Journey


Journey to the Secret Himalayas with Samadhi Sadhana Retreats (October 11 to 31, 2019), a program by Sacchidanandaprem Association, offers you an opportunity for embarking on this journey to the most significant sacred places in the Himalayas.

It is an intense spiritual experience, complete with the inclusion of unique opportunity to radically transform your life, it is integrated joyful spiritual journey that will enable you to experience the deepest level of your being and means of the enlightened living. The collective process of retreat facilitates the promotion of your awareness into the emergence of pure consciousness in spiritual depth. You will instantly feel the bliss and freedom of your infinite nature and recognize your wholeness and perfection. It will awaken the cosmic creative energy inside you in an atmosphere of intensive silence.

This journey with retreats approaches the most transformative spiritual exploration in your life through Maha Yog-Samadhi-Sadhana, guided by Spiritual Master Sacchidanandaprem A. Swamin.

Through intentional Maha Yog- Samadhi-Sadhana practices you will uncover your inner wisdom, peace, infinite joy and awareness that arise from ultimate potential within, which cultivates the holistic well-being of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

With our team will ready to help you with every step you take on this memorable journey, you will be enveloped in infinite spiritual energy, tranquillity, and oneness.


The programs will be in English and will be translated in French.