Spiritual teachers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASri Jagadguru Jagannathacharya Tridandi Swami is the great vaishnava Guru of Ramanuja tradition and serves as the head of the Sri Vaishnava Sevashram and other ashrams situated in India.

Swami ji was adopted with consecration in Vaishnavism from Sri Swami Damodaracharya who comes in the lineage starting from Sri Ramanuja. He travels all over  India expounding Ramanuja’s philosophy, the Bhakti Yoga.





Yogi Ravish is a bonafideDSCF7374 yoga teacher. He was born in a city on the bank of Ganges into a Brahmin family. From the young hood, he spent most of his time in sadhana, meditation, and yoga. He had done Post graduate in yoga and practice vedic karma kands and astrology by great spiritual teachers.






KrishnKrishna Dasa Das is  a dedicated disciple of Bhagvan Raman Maharshi.

“The nature of Self is Bliss. Bliss alone is. There is no enjoyer to enjoy pleasure. Enjoyer and joy  both merge in it.

You cannot find Bliss in places and in periods of time. It must be permanent in order that it may be useful. Such permanent being is you. Be the Self and that is Bliss. You are always That.”